Hurley rain update

Posted by on September 24, 2014

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Update: The SLRD has contacted FLNRO to arrange some warning signs on the road.  Conditions  got better today as the sun dried things out and the grader was up there working which also helped firm up the road surface.  It’s that time of the year that heavy rain and/or snow can fall at any time now and Hurley drivers should be prepared for all conditions.   When the clouds lifted today there was snow on some of the mountain tops after the rain last night.

Heavy rain last night has made Hurley travel tough today.   The new road section is extremely soft and muddy.  Kathy from Backcountry Snowcats sent an update this morning and she almost did not make it up to the summit in her truck in 4×4 with new tires.  2wd vehicles & vehicles with bald tires should probably not attempt the drive in these conditions.   If you have another update on the conditions please email



Fall rainbow on the Hurley Road



2 Responses to Hurley rain update

  1. Jim

    Drove north over the Hurley at 9:45 am on Sept. 26th, had no issues, section of road being worked on was much improved over past trips, much smoother, no ruts easy trip for two wheel drive. No workers were present so no closure at that time.

  2. Oliver

    I drove the Hurley today and though some parts were muddy and rutted and a bit slippery, that was not the main issue (no problem with a 2 wheel drive van with good tires). The problem was that the material that the contractor has put down is not compacted or graded and has many large and sharp rocks sticking out. I passed 2 vehicles with flat tires on the way up. So watch out!

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