September Grading Update

Posted by on September 8, 2016

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Thanks to SLRD Area A Director Debbie Demare for the latest update.

I went over today to a SLRD meeting.  The grading has begun on the lower switchbacks on the Pembie side.  He has done a great job.  Hope everyone drives UP in 4 wheel drive , lets keep those lower switchbacks in great shape!

I had also followed up on a 60 km/hr sign posted below the Hurley open sign at Pemberton Meadows Rd.  This sign was placed there without permission , was  not correct and has been removed.  The standing speed on FSR’s is 80 km/hr.  That said, there are some bridges that need some machine brushing around them and there have been a few near head ons this summer on those bridges.  Be careful and slow down so you, your family or someone else’s family doesn’t get hurt.  It’s a lot of work to get an ambulance up there, we don’t want you to be the one waiting for help!

Saw two trucks with campers and ATV’s obviously coming up to hunt, several quads and several other vehicles.  Busy road.  Helped a fellow whose Rav4 was stalling coming down into Gold Bridge and he was losing his bikes.  Got him to use 4 low (4wd) and low gear and fixed his problem at least to get down the hill.

Leaves are changing and its beautiful up there!

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Hurley is freshly graded!

Hurley is freshly graded!

2 Responses to September Grading Update

  1. LG

    Can someone post an update on road conditions after last night’s big storm?

  2. Chuck

    Drove the Hurley back and forth several times last week and I must say, it was in great shape. Even the east Hurley was better than usual.

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