Hurley Spring Update

Posted by on May 8, 2017

Lots of people are asking if the Hurley is passable with a truck and the answer is no not yet!  We are expecting an opening update later this week after the avalanche conditions have been assessed. Most of the Green Mountain slide paths did not slide naturally and the avalanche danger is rated at considerable to high which is preventing any work being done until after the assessment. Other parts of the Hurley are currently being assessed. The snowpack this year is more in the normal range and as of Saturday there was 9 feet at the summit and 75 inches on the 2km of road each side of the summit.

Thanks to Ray Mason from Totally Awesome Adventures  for this update and photo below.  Ray says “Yesterday I went by there and it is about a foot lower than the photo. Trail is in good shape if anyone wants to head up Face. Unloading sleds on the Pemberton side about 1Km above the Tenquille steel bridge.” 

Early May Hurley Summit conditions

Early May Hurley summit conditions. Photo by Ray Mason

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