Sled Vandalized

Posted by on May 9, 2018

Lots of people are asking about the Hurley opening and as soon as we have any news it will be posted here. The avalanche technicians will take a look at the slide paths this week but say we are still a few days out from conditions being safe.

Unfortunate message from Kathy Milne from Backcountry Snowcats about damage to her snowmobile parked on the Hurley. If you have any information please contact Kathy or Pemberton RCMP.
Sometime between when I parked it on Sunday night and today, my sled was vandalized. This is usually my transportation out over the Hurley and now it is inoperable.
Please post this and alert everyone. Besides the gas that was taken, the 12v battery was ripped out.
This and the unnecessary damage to the rest of the sled is hugely disappointing especially when we are helping to facilitate the summer opening at our cost.

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  1. Nikolay Kolesnikov

    Lots of people use it to get to Goldbridge or for acess to hiking and climbing in the summer. Is there a donation webpage to help with opening the trail or is there any thought of creating one?

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