Winter Logging

Posted by on November 21, 2020

Update Nov 24: All of the cutblocks currently planned are up the Hope Creek FSR.  Currently road building is occurring and some bunching of those trees will also be happening.

The licence is in the process of selling from Interwest Timber to Fushion Timber.  Fushion is a company out of Kamloops that works closely with Aspen Planers. Aspen Planers will be supervising the logging.

This is why the Hurley FSR will be plowed from Hope Creek FSR to Gold Bridge and will continue once the licence sale is finished with the actual logging. There will be signage posted in the areas about the active logging and hauling and onsite supervisor contact info.

Sledders should also pay attention to the impact this will have on sled travel between Bralorne/Gold Bridge and Pemberton which will not be possible. The road will also be plowed about 8km up Hope Creek FSR. See the Google Earth image below for location of block and more maps are at the link below.
CLick to view the logging maps

Nov 21 post: Aspen Planers have notified us of winter logging on the Hurley from Gold Bridge to Hope Creek. They will keep the road open from Gold Bridge to Hope Creek until March. This will NOT allow for vehicle travel to Pemberton and sledders travelling to and from Pemberton should be aware it is illegal to snowmobile on a plowed FSR. See Section 3(3) of the Forest Service Road Regulations.
(3) A person must not operate a snowmobile on a forest service road if it appears that the road has been snowplowed, or that the road is otherwise fit for travel by motor vehicles other than snowmobiles.

They will be hauling logs down the Hurley FSR and on the Bridge Main FSR Monday to Friday and some Saturdays.

Have a good winter sledding on the Hurley and always check the avalanche bulletin before heading out.

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Untitled Plackmark pins are the locations of new logging. Image from Aspen Planers

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