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Posted by on August 17, 2021

With Road 40 on non essential travel restrictions due to the McKay Creek fire, the Hurley is experiencing heavier than usual traffic in both directions. The switchbacks from Pemberton are rough but the rest of the road is ok. The burned truck is still sitting on the side of the road. The grader is still working so please respect it’s space and pass slowly by after the operator has seen you. Be prepared for flat tires after the grading.

A reminder that active hauling is ongoing. Travellers on the lower part of the Hurley FSR should be cautious and expect loaded and unloaded logging trucks travelling in both directions up to the Bridge Main FSR turnoff.

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Thanks to Melinda for this update. I was on the Hurley yesterday and the truck was removed then.  The people who reported it were fortunate to have a satelite phone with them and a few fire extinguishers to put out the fire.  I passed them heading north on Saturday shortly after the incident.
Yes, the grader exposes very sharp rocks.  No flat tires yet for me.
I would recommend everyone travelling the road to buy the deer warning horns from Canadian Tire.  Only $13.  It keeps wildlife from running into your vehicle.  I have witnessed two bears being injured by motorists who were shocked to have a bear hit them on the pavement.  It’s a big shock not to mention vehicle damage done.
cheers Melinda

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  1. S. Porter

    I support this site .. Very important source of information re access to the BRV? Thank you to the contributors.

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