High Avalanche Danger!

Posted by on January 2, 2012

The following was posted on the Canadian Avalanche Association Public Bulletin today  “An avalanche cycle is underway in the Southern Chilcotins/Duffey Lake Rd, likely associated with mid-December persistent weaknesses and rapidly rising warm treeline temperatures.”   Avalanche danger is rated HIGH check the bulletin below, click on all the tabs and educate yourself about what’s going on out there. This is not a normal winter!

There was widespread evidence of that today with 4 people injured in 3 separate avalanches.   Two avalanches were triggered by skiers on opposite sides of the Valley this afternoon. They are lucky to have been rescued just before nightfall. Big thanks to Pemberton Search & Rescue for getting here so fast to assist on Sunshine Mountain after finishing a rescue on the Duffey Lake Rd.  Bralorne Volunteer Fire/Rescue dispatched a ground team quickly but the heli was on the scene first.  TLH were not involved in the second avalanche but did assist with the rescue in Eldorado.

AVALANCHE BLOG  – includes photos from today’s avalanche on Sunshine Mt

AVALANCHE BULLETIN – Bookmark this page!

Play safe out there!

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