Hurley Update

Posted by on May 16, 2012

Interior Roads crews were working at both ends with dozers this week but unfortunately one broke down so that has caused a bit of a delay, a dozer is still working from the Pemberton side.

Forestry had finished clearing up the winter avalance debris last week and are working on brushing and grading their section of road on the Gold Bridge side.

Today a huge avalance came down from Green Mountain and has buried the road in deep debris.   All work has stopped until it has been assessed and is safe to continue work.  Tree planters and work crews are stuck behind the avalanche but luckily no one was caught.  Another avalanche came down on the East Hurley too. Updates will continue on this website as they happen but don’t plan on driving over for the long weekend.

A petition has been started to have the East Hurley maintained  Click here to sign the petition

Below is an image showing the Green Mountain Avalanche Paths from a previous year

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  1. Cliff Jennings

    If you already survived the Hurley, you may not survive Tyaughton Lake Rd.

    Crane Creek flooding

    About this album
    “Flooding of Crane Creek, Tyaughton Lake, BC starting early morning June 23, 2012”

  2. Ray

    That section can be quite dangerous. It really needs to be controlled by the highway avy techs before traffic is allowed through.

    Sledders are still riding up Face. Can you make sure there is an unload spot at the meadows for parking.

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