Thanksgiving Update

Posted by on October 2, 2012

It’s a great time for a drive to enjoy the Fall colours on the Hurley!  The colours are peaking right now and the views are spectacular.  The weather forecast looks great for the next week.   The Mineshaft Pub in Bralone and Tyax Lodge are both serving up Thanksgiving Dinner.  Reservations are required.  The Hurley summer season is coming to an end so drive it while you still can!

MOF will be grading the Pemberton switchbacks and logging company Interwest will be grading the Gold Bridge section to the East Hurley junction.  Grading was scheduled to happen before Thanksgiving, however current dry weather conditions are making it counter productive to grade.  As soon as precipitation & moisture comes the road will be graded.  This will make the grading stay in place and therefore not a counter productive process.


2 Responses to Thanksgiving Update

  1. rob falck

    It,s been raining for a bit now , or do we get to carry over the money not spent this summer on the Hurley?

  2. Chuck Townsend

    Any word on when the logging will take place on the East Hurley?

    I know they have marked the sections to be logged a while back, but wondering when the actual logging will take place this year.

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